Many US Bizav Airport Towers To See Hours Cut

By David Mumford


The FAA has published a list of 93 airports which will be getting their tower operating hours cut due to the reduction in traffic caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s the list of airports, with the new planned tower operating times:

The NBAA say these extended night closures will start to be implemented next week, beginning May 4.

In announcing its plans, the FAA said the following – “These facilities have seen a significant reduction in flights, especially during the evening and nighttime hours, since the pandemic began. Adjusting the operating hours will further protect our employees and reduce the possibility of temporary tower closures from COVID-19 exposures by ensuring enough controllers are available to staff the facilities during peak hours. It also will enable us to allocate difficult-to-source supplies where they are most needed.”

When the towers at these airports are closed overnight, the radar facility with oversight controls the airspace – the FAA plans to begin adjusting the operating hours of some of these facilities later this month. More info is available on the FAA page here.


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