EASA Fuel Rules: A Picture Book



The new EASA Fuel Rules. A horrendous, confusing document that seems to have been written in the form of an unsolvable riddle. Last time I tried to read it I did actually give up and read some (generally quite lame) aviation riddles instead to relax.

Here’s my favourite.

You are sitting on an aeroplane. There is a horse in front of you, and a car behind you. Where are you?

Back to the EASA riddle.

We are on attempt four thousand now and are slowly managing to wade through it, with the help of some useful input from other people along the way. Thanks people, you know who you are.

We have taken what (we think) we know, and have made a book. Well, a PDF actually which you can download here.

Before you read this, we do think you should read this though. It’s our first post on the EASA fuel rules and it covers who this actually applies to.

Probably should say ‘By EASA’ too really.

Click above for the PDF version (which you can also download directly).

If you prefer, try this “Book” version …

What it is.

A handy thing in PDF form, filled with old Sci-Fi book covers, because I like them, which you can maybe use alongside the actual EASA document to help you wade through it a lot more easily.

What it isn’t.

A replacement to EASA’s document, something to actually use as an official fuel policy decider guide or an actual textbook.

Think you’ve spotted an error?

Well don’t be shy, share it! We’ll even add your name into the book (only if you want us to). Email us at: news@ops.group

Don’t worry, we won’t be offended. Like I said, fourth or fifth thousandth attempt and still not sure we’ve totally got to grips with it. We’re also not an actual fuel planning operator so chances are a lot of you do know more than us on this so let us know and we’ll let others know, and hopefully the combined heads of all might help us finally and definitively solve this riddle.

If you want more (official) info, then check out the Webinars EASA has recorded on it all here.

FYI, the answer to the other riddle is: On the aeroplane.


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Question for us? Write to blog.team@ops.group.


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