Airport restrictions for the 2020 Davos World Economic Forum

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The 2020 World Economic Forum will take place in Davos from Jan 21-24.

LSZH/Zurich along with most other airports in the area will be busy around this period. So if you’re planning on attending— or even if you’ll just be passing through—best get your slot/PPR request in as soon as possible.


  • Will be congested, so apply for slots early if you’re actually planning on stopping there. You might not get the slots you requested, particularly if you want to arrive/depart at peak times.
  • Maximum 2 hour ground time for general aviation without parking permission (so drop-and-go’s are fine, as long as they stay within that 2 hour window).
  • You will not be able to use LSZH as an alternate to flights going to LSZS/Samedan.
  • Airport operates from 0500-2100z daily, and overtime is not available – make sure you land before closing time or you’ll get diverted to another airport.
  • Repositioning from LSZH to LSMD will not be allowed; the aircraft would have to land and depart directly from LSMD.


  • Located in downtown Zurich. Normally a military airfield, but opens to civilian traffic each year for the Forum.
  • Open 0600-2000z weekdays, and 0800-1900z on Saturday, closed on Sundays, with no overtime available.
  • Should have lots of parking available.
  • Slots not required, but PPR is required.
  • Customs clearance is provided in the military terminal building.
  • For handling, email the airport handler direct on:
  • The airport publishes a special Air Crew Guide for any aircraft coming there during the Forum week each year. Bunch of info about the airport and approaches, etc.


  • Open 0500-2100z weekdays, and 0800-1900z on weekends, with overtime available on request.
  • PPR will be required for stays of more than 90 minutes.
  • Parking should be possible, but expect to be repositioned for parking and servicing.
  • Be aware as this airport is in Germany, fuel will generally be more expensive as the taxes are higher here.


Landing permits are not required for private GA/BA flights to Switzerland. You’ll only need a landing permit if you’re operating a charter flight on an aircraft not registered in the EU. For that, email the authorities direct at:


No supply issues expected at any of the airports, just expect the normal congestion-related delays with getting a fuel truck out to you on day of departure. For charter flights departing from Switzerland, you can uplift fuel tax free – but bear in mind that taxes will become due and payable if you do not then leave the country within 24 hours.

Other restrictions

There will be some route closures and reroutes over Switzerland from Jan 17-25, and some changes to the procedures for flights to LSZS/Samedan – check SUP 1/2020 for details.


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  • Tom Ronell says:

    A good parking option is EDSB, Baden-Baden, Germany. About 20 minutes from LSZH, plenty of parking. Best handler is Avangard Aviation which can be reached at

  • Erica Sandschulte says:

    Ref: World Economic Forum 2019 – LSZH;

    Airport opening hours for private flights: 0630LCL – 2145LCL
    Airport opening hours for charter flights 0630LCL – 2255LCL
    -No overtime will be available

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