Ramp checks in Mexico are on the rise, and it seems local authorities are specifically targeting N-reg aircraft.

This surge in ramp checks began at the end of May 2019 in response to the crash of an N-reg aircraft near MMMY/Monterrey, and will reportedly continue to the end of Aug 2019, at the earliest.

The main handler in Mexico, Manny Aviation, says that hotspots seem to be MMCZ/Cozumel and MMTO/Toluca, but OPSGROUP has received reports of ramp checks happening at various other airports too, including MMMY/Monterrey, MMLT/Loreto, MMTM/Tampico and MMVR/Veracruz. Bottom line, if you’re flying anywhere in Mexico over the next month or so, you should prepare for a ramp check!

Manny Aviation has published a concise list of everything you need to make sure you carry on board for trips to Mexico (updated Jul 2019). Click on the doc below to download full version.

If you’re operating to Mexico in this time, check with you local handler before you set off, as some members have reported that they may be notified by the authorities in advance if they’re planning to ramp check you!

Been to Mexico recently? How did it go? Let us know.

David Mumford

David Mumford

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