Covid Catchup: How did I do?

By Mark Zee


Here are the correct answers to the questions on Covid Catchup. How did you do? Tougher questions get more points, so add up all the scores to get your total, and we’ll tell you below how you rate.

NAT Answers

A   Shanwick. 4 points.
B   Descend (SAND= South Ascend, North Descend). 5 points.
C   Yes (NAT OTS levels are always between 290-410, which is the new datalink altitude requirement). 7 points.
Tango 290, Northbound. 8 points.

Places Answers

A  There are restrictions. Israel has a list of about 140 airports you can depart from. 6 points.
B   No, unless you have a non-standard airworthiness or something else weird. 6 points.
C   Yes, ops normal again, no special procedures. 7 points.
D   Israel and Qatar. 8 points.

Pilot Answers

A   South Korea. 7 points.
B   The ASI (Airspeed Indicator). 8 points.
C   Nothing – sit on your hands for a few seconds, at least. More here. 10 points.
D   1998 had the same traffic levels as 2020. More here. 10 points if you answered between 1990-2010.

Risk Answers

The Polisario. 8 points.
B Vilnius, Lithuania. 5 points.
C Eritrea. 5 points.
Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. 10 points, or 6 points if you got two right.

Random Answers

A   Any two of these: VABF/Mumbai, VOMF/Chennai and VECF/Kolkata FIRs, ZJSA/Sanya FIR, SOOO/Cayenne FIR, NTTT/Tahiti FIR, GVSC/Sal Oceanic FIR, WMFC/Kuala Lumpur, FSSS/Seychelles Oceanic. 8 points.
B   ULLI/St. Petersburg (back in 2017). 7 points.
C   8 hours. 4 points.
D   Yes. Yes they do. 10 points.


Add them up! This will be a good test of how many of the changes in the last 18 months you’re up to speed on.


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