OPSGROUP 2018 is open – new members welcome – 20 reasons to join

By Declan Selleck


Opsgroup2018 is open to new members.

Read OPSGROUP: The Power of the Group – and then see below for more reasons to join us.

01  You will be smarter and saferOPSGROUP makes International Flight Ops easier.
02  Safe Airspace. Learning lessons from MH17, we share risk information, with a big map.
03  Change. It’s not just a constant, it’s accelerating. OPSGROUP tells you the critical stuff.
04  Members. There are 4,000 of us – each a pilot, dispatcher, controller, or ops person.
05  Full Bulletin. Once a week, all the International Ops changes in one simple bulletin.
06  Ask Anything. Every intl ops question you have, answered – by the group, or the team.
07  Bulletstream. Daily news briefing in bullet point format – just the critical ones.
08  Guides. All the FSB regional guides, like our NAT Ops guide, free.
09  Charts. The FSB NAT Plotting Chart, free – and others as we make them.
10  Slack. Talk live with us and other members on #todaysops.
11  George. We built a bot. He’s George, and he answers your Ops questions.
12  Lowdowns. Country guides for the most popular tech stop and ad-hoc airports.
13  Infographics. Making new stuff easier to understand, like the Circle of Change.
14  Dashboard. All the OPSGROUP tools live here – you get your own login.
15  Airport Spy. We sneakily share our reports on ATC, Handling, and Airports worldwide.
16  It’s not all AIC’s and Notams. We do fun stuff too. We promise to keep it interesting.
17  Plain English. We translate the Fedspeak into words we all know.
18  Email Alerts when big things are going down – ATC strikes, severe weather, incidents.
19  Discount in the Flight Service Store – 15% off for members.
20  The Future. We’re just getting started – OPSGROUP is 20 months old. Help us grow!


Choose a plan and join OPSGROUP



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Declan Selleck

Declan Selleck

Declan is a Flight Service Specialist with OPSGROUP.

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