Re-inventing the Overnight: Layover Lowdowns

By The Opsgroup Community


Aviation is awesome.

  • It connects – countries, cultures, people and ideas.
  • It helps – allowing aid to reach people during natural disasters not to mention humanitarian, medical, peacekeeping and firefighting flights to name a few.
  • It is dynamic – the progress in aviation is exciting. New developments, technologies and pioneering ideas.

But it easy to forget one other – it is supposed to be fun. Aviation leads to adventure, travel and discovery. In 2020 it seems the industry lost its way.

Here at OPSGROUP our mission is to make aviation more human-friendly – not just by trying to fix Notams and sharing safety critical information, but in other ways too.

So we want to try something new.

We don’t really know what it will become yet,  so we thought we’d dive right on in anyway.

It is a new way to build the OPSGROUP community that we know so many of you enjoy, while also connecting other members together. It’s about bringing the fun and adventure back to your day job.

Introducing Layover Lowdowns

Chances are you’ve spent much of the last year alone in hotel rooms with people hassling you to put a stick up your nose. The good news is that vaccines are here and we are beginning to see crew once again being allowed to roam free in the wild.

Layover Lowdowns is our new Instagram-based adventure – a place for insider reviews of the best things to do on layovers that you won’t find in any brochure. Think delicious food, epic drink spots and new experiences that are off the ‘beaten trail.’

Whether you are a seasoned crew member who has seen and done it all,  a corporate pilot who doesn’t visit the same place often and needs help finding the decent spots, or are just tired of hanging out with the same crew every flight we hope that this will help!

We know that sometimes layovers are rubbish. Lonely things that take you away from you home, family, friends, which take hours and hours to get to… so we hope these will help you find some little spark of excitement about having to do that flight for the fifth time this month.

Hop onto @layoverlowdowns and start looking at our first secret spots – 100% endorsed and tested by our awesome community of OPSGROUP-ers. See some photos and flick through a a wonderfully simple description of what makes them great. Then with a single click, you’ll get directions on how to find them.

We need you to help us build the page into something special for crews around the world!

If you like what you see, follow our page and help other members by sharing  your own favorite spots and secret finds in the comment sections or via direct message. Let us know what to include and what you like about them and we’ll do our best to feature as many as we can.

Feel free to talk to each other – you may even find yourself in the same place at the same time! All the more reason to meet up and help build the community even more.

Go on – have an adventure!


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