Big Summer Slots (a Storybook)

By Mark Zee


This summer is going to be worst ever in Europe for delays (so we’re told), which means if you’re going there you’re going to get a nasty CTOT sooner rather than later.

So rather than writing a long and helpful blog post to help you navigate the slot rules, instead we’ve put together a vacuous and infantile story book.

But, it might still help a little to figure out how NMOC (the artists formerly known as CFMU) at Eurocontrol works, how to deal with a bad slot, requesting improvement, how and when to file, and when you should or should not contact NMOC for help.

Once you’ve enjoyed (or not) storytime, be sure to scroll down for some more “adult” links to the in-depth material 😊

Click above for the PDF version (which you can also download directly).

If you prefer, try this “Book” version …


So, onto the adult version… Eurocontrol NMOC have published a really useful guide to slots this month, for the Summer of 2022. Download that here as a PDF (31 pages)

For the full bible, you want the IFPS users manual, and the ATCFM operations manual.

Do you have any other useful links or documents about European slots? Tell us!




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Mark Zee

Mark Zee

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