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Update: 18JUL - KICZ NOTAM cancelled, the restriction mentioned below is lifted ...

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Following the attempted coup in Turkey on 15JUL, the FAA has banned all US airlines, commercial operators, and pilots from flying into Turkey until the 1st of September, and says it will review that position on August 15th.

The ban applies to all airport within the Istanbul (LTBB) FIR and the Ankara (LTAA) FIR – which together cover the entire country, but does not prohibit entry into the FIR’s or overflying Turkey.

Further more, no direct flights are allowed between Turkey and any US Airport. This is independent of the country of registry of the aircraft, and so applies to all operators, N-reg and others.

Specifically, the ban affects all US Airlines and Air Carriers, US commercial operators, and private operators in that anyone using an FAA license may not operate to Turkey. The only exception applies to US pilots working for a foreign airline.

The ban was issued quickly in response to the Coup attempt, and because of the unstable situation in Turkey. We suspect that it may be removed more quickly than August 15th, but that depends on further developments there.

These are the primary international airports affected by the ban:

LTAI AYT Antalya
LTAJ GZT Gaziantep
LTAT MLX Malatya
LTAU ASR Kayseri
LTAZ NAV Nevsehir
LTBA IST Istanbul
LTBR YEI Yenisehir
LTBS DLM Dalaman
LTCG TZX Trabzon
LTFJ SAW Istanbul


The original NOTAM from the FAA, issued on Saturday morning,  is copied below.


Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 01.13.36



  1. Good question guys, thanks. We’ve added the copy of the original source NOTAM for this, which is KICZ A0015/16 – see above.

    On Monday, we expect that
    will include the update – as it was issued over a weekend, the State Dept website may not be up to date.

  2. Are you guys trying to coupe Turkish airlines economic way ? There is no such official declaration anywhere

  3. I couldn’t find an official declaration related with the date also.

  4. Could you please confirm this with an official statement from the US government? Airlines in Turkey say there is no specific date for the halt.

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