Typhoon for Tokyo

By Cynthia Claros


Tropical Storm Malou will bring heavy rains and strong winds that will likely cause flooding in Japan this week.

The storm is expected to remain a tropical storm until Friday as it moves along Japan’s eastern coastline. Airports affected: Wakkanai, Rishiri, Kushiro, Nemuro Nakashibetsu, Sapporo Chitose, Aomori.

JMA expects Malou to continue strengthening and have maximum sustained winds of 101.8 km/h (63.3 mph) by 06:00 UTC on September 8. At the time, the center of Malou is expected to be located about 84 km (52.7 miles) south of downtown Tokyo, moving NE at 39 km/h (24 mph). Last week Typhoon Lionrock lashed north-eastern Japan and the northern island of Hokkaido, leaving 18 dead and nine missing.


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Cynthia Claros

Cynthia Claros

Cynthia is a Flight Service Specialist with OPSGROUP.

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