Monday Briefing: Libya airspace closed, MAS17 Ukraine Special Report

By Declan Selleck


Libya airspace closed 18JUL Since 14JUL international overflights are not permitted over Libya due to security concerns raised since the rocket attack on Tripoli last week. Only a small number of airports remain open in the country, see below.

MAS17: Ukraine Special Report 18JUL – Following the tragic loss of MAS17, authorities have been quick to close portions of Ukrainian airspace and provide re-routing options. See below for a special briefing; a PDF is also available.

HLLL/Tripoli FIR Effective 14JUL no international overflights are permitted over Libya due to security concerns. All international flights departing to/from any airport within Libya will require prior permission. Applications should be made via email at, fax +218213618075, or via AFTN: HLLTYAYA. If permission is given there are now mandatory routings to and from HLLQ and HLTQ. HLLB, HLLT, and HLLS are closed UFN.

LCCC/Nicosia FIR Due to the large increase in military activity within this FIR, delays can be expected UFN for all flights destined to OLBA and LLBG. OLBA departures flying to/via Egypt exiting Cyprus airspace over LAKTO or PASOS are restricted at the rate of 1 departure every 25 minutes.

UKxx/Ukraine FIR’s There are two distinct areas at issue in the Ukraine. Simferopol FIR is closed to international traffic since 03APR due to a dispute between authorities over control. Dnipropetrovsk FIR has had the eastern half closed by the Ukrainian CAA on 18JUL following the shootdown of MAS17. Most operators are avoiding the entire FIR. The remainder of the Ukraine FIR’s are open (L’viv, Kiev, Odessa) with overflight risk minimal, but many operators avoiding entire country. Heaviest Traffic flows are via G724 (North) and UL852 and UP975 (South). Russia will accept reroutes by FPL for an interim period without permit required. Recommend check with ATC Duty Manager +7 495 601 0776. Turkey requires a permit for all overflights. Russia reports no capacity issues in Rostov FIR due to additional traffic to the east of Ukraine. We recommend to monitor Eurocontrol NOP Portal for current information.

LLLL/Israel FIR Due to the ongoing conflict in the region J5, J10S, and J9 have been closed and all aircraft are being diverted along other airways within LLLL FIR. There have also been mandatory adjustments made made to all STARS and SIDS into LLBG.

FOON/M’vengue, Gabon – JetA1 fuel will not be available from until September earliest.

SAEF/Ezeiza ACC until 05AUG at 0500z, flow control will only be accepting 1 aircraft every 10 minutes regardless of the entry point. Humanitarian, state, and international flights with more than 2 hrs flight time are exempted.

OAKX/Kabul ACC- ATC has advised that all aircraft entering Kabul FIR at or below FL290 from the west between SOKAM on V338 and RANAH on V838 , must now contact Kabul ACC on 121.725.

OMAE/Emirates FIR Starting 16 JUL until 16 OCT all aircraft departing from OMAA, OMAD, OMAL, OMAM, OMDB, OMDW, OMRK, and OMSJ will require a departure slot time between 0430-0730 and 1500-2359

DNMA/Maiduguri will be closed to all civil air traffic until September earliest due to security concerns.

EGNT/Newcastle Due to the Sunderland Airshow all aircraft require prior permission from 25JUL/1100z until 28 JUL/1100z.

VYYY/Myanmar A live fire drill exercise will be taking place on July 24th between 0730-0815Z which will close the airport.

South Africa Starting October 1st 2014, new visa regulations will require all parents or guardians accompanying children to carry an unabridged birth certificate and passport. This applies to all tourists.

Hong Kong – In attempt to improve the local noise environment the Civil Aviation Department will be implementing the termination of slot allocations for aircraft that fall into the category of “Marginally Compliant Chapter 3” (MCC3). Aircraft that generally fall into this category are B727, B737-100, B737-200, B747-100, B747-200, B747-300, and DC10’s. Slots for Winter 2014 will not be given between the hours of 2300-1459z for aircraft that fall into this category.

Mexico The DGAC has revised the restrictions that were imposed in April on non-revenue business flights. Under the previous regulation any aircraft placed in a charter management company structure were prevented from operating privately in Mexico. Under the revised regulation, which is retroactive to 03JUN, U.S. and foreign-based operators flying aircraft on a charter certificate but conducting private, non-revenue operations to Mexico have been given a reprieve from cabotage rules.


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Declan Selleck

Declan Selleck

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