Monday Briefing: Atlantic Storm, Peru Airspace changes

By Declan Selleck


First 2014 Atlantic storm 02JUL Tropical Storm Arthur, which may become a hurricane by 04JUL, is the first of the 2014 Atlantic Storm season, and is tracking north east along the coast of Florida. FAA Telcon today at 1230Z.

Peru Airspace Changes 02JUL Peru will introduce significant changes to the airspace configuration and ATS route structure in Lima, Arequipa, Cusco and Pucallpa on 24JUL. AIP Amdt 18/14.

Kxxx/USA Tropical storm Arthur lies off the coast of Florida this morning, with sustained winds of 40 knots and a tracking speed of 2-3 knots. Forecasters are suggesting it has the potential to become a hurricane with landfall in the Carolinas. An FAA Telcon is running at 1230Z and 2200Z today, phone +1 540-359-3200 PIN 2333#.

The holy month of Ramadan started on 29JUN, affecting operations to and over all Islamic countries where CAA’s will be working reduced hours. The period moves forward by a couple of weeks each year. This year it will run until 27JUL.

PKMJ/Majuro ExxonMobil will be unable to fuel during their monthly tanker replenishment from 29JUN-02JUL. An alternative Pacific fuel stop is recommended during this period.

LIRP/Pisa, Italy had a radar failure on the morning of 02JUL, traffic is regulated until late afternoon, with moderate delays.

EINN/Shannon will be closed on the night of 04JUL until 1am local for a charity event. During this period consider EIDW/Dublin as an alternative for North Atlantic alternates.

EFTU/Turku, Finland is temporarily shut down from 30JUN-27JUL 2014 for a four-week renovation process. The renovations include the airport’s terminal facilities and traffic areas. Four new aircraft parking spaces will be built as well.

UUDD/Domodedovo Due to Airport reconstruction heavy aircraft types are not permitted to operate during the period 27JUN-30SEP; specific exclusions are: B747, B757, B767, B777, B787, A310, A330, A340, A380, AN124, IL96, TU204, and TU214.

UMMS/Minsk 2- The airport will be closed from 1810-1830z from 01JUL-03JUL, 2110-0120Z on 04JUL, and 2110-0200Z on 11,18, and 25JUL.

DIAP/Port Bouet is closed to all traffic from 0230-0800Z on 02, 03, 04, and 06 JUL.

FAWW/Sodwana The airport will be completely closed from 12JUN-08SEP

FMMO/Maintirano Jet A1 will not be available from 14JUN-14SEP, due to upgrades taking place at the fuel facility.

VMMC/Macau – The airport will be closed on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 2000-2200 from 29JUN-28SEPT.

YPXM/Christmas Island will now be closed 2300-1100z 05JUL-07JUL, and 08JUL-10JUL

NVVV/Port Vila Until 10JUL, Jet A1 will not be available here to non scheduled flights.

MYEM/Governors Harbour has no fuel available until 30SEP

Gambia From 06JUN until 07SEP the issuing of overflight and landing permits at GBYD (Banjul International), will be handled by the department of Flight Safety Standards (DFSS).

United States Independence Day is celebrated on 04JUL and as such all public offices will be closed.

Australia The full procedures for the upcoming G20 conference in November have been published. The event is scheduled in Brisbane between 15-16NOV2014 , although special operating procedures will take place from November 11-18NOV2014. All the details are outlined in their latest AIP Supplement H62/14.


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Declan Selleck

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