Monday Briefing: Tripoli Airport Destruction, Israel Uncertainty

By Declan Selleck


Tripoli Airport Destruction 24JUL Since fighting began over a week ago, some reports indicate that 80-90% of the aircraft currently parked at the airport have been damaged. Libyan authorities have indicated that repairs to the airport and ATC infrastructure will take months to repair.

Israel Uncertainty Continues 24JUL – Operations to LLBG/Tel Aviv and Israel in general continue to be fluid. A rocket strike some days ago landed within a few miles of the airport; airlines responded by suspending services. The operational risk needs to be closely monitored.

HLLL/Libya According to our latest information, the only International airports that are currently open within Libya are HLLQ and HLTQ between 0700Z-1900Z. If permission is given to operate into these airports there are mandatory routings to follow.

LIML/Milan The airport will be closed daily between 2130-0400z from 21-31JUL.

EGFF/Cardiff All non scheduled traffic requires prior notice from 02-06SEP. Operators must contact Airport Coordination Limited at or at +441614911850.

VABB/Mumbai In attempt to reduce airspace congestion and arrival delays within the Mumbai TMA, ATC will only accept flights with pre approved arrival slots between 1545Z-1745Z for flights originating within India.

ZSHA/Shanghai FIR Typhoon Matma is making its way towards mainland China after Taiwan. Delays and reroutes can be expected and those planning to operate within this area are advised to check daily notams for the latest reroutes.

LLOV/Ovda Cargo operations have been suspended until the end of July; only passenger flights will be accepted.

URKK/Krasnodar has new runway open from today 24JUL, 05/23 Center. The previous runway 05R/23L is closed.

Singapore There are new permit regulations in practice that apply to charter and air ambulance operations. Operators are now required to apply for a “Operations Permit” and “Air Transport Permit” before they will be given arrival slots. An Operations Permit must first be obtained before an Air Transport Permit can be granted, and this replaces the requirement for a landing permit. These new regulations do not apply to aircraft planning a tech stop within Singapore.

India says within the next 6 months nationals of 40 countries will be able to obtain an E-Visa that will be accepted at 9 airports. A list of nationalities and airports will be published soon.


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Declan Selleck

Declan Selleck

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