Major Earthquake in Turkey



A major earthquake has disrupted operations at several airports in Turkey. Here is the current situation (Feb 9).

Magnitude 7.8 earthquake

The main earthquake registered at 3:17am on February 6, with the epicentre approximately 20nm west-northwest of Gaziantep. Tremors were fell through parts of Syria and Lebanon.

Several large aftershocks have been felt, with aftershocks expected to continue through February 6.

Impacted airports

Turkish airport closures

This website was shared with us and provides a good resource for the current status of airports and which are receiving flights providing relief aid.

Severe damage has been reported in Gaziantep, and all civilian flights to LTAJ/Gaziantep are currently suspended as the airport is being used as the primary airport for relief flights.

LTAF/Adana Reports suggest Adana airport closed initially but is not open for relief aid flights. It is not clear whether it is available for passenger flights. The airport always requires a PPR due parking capacity so confirm with an agent prior to heading there.

LTDA/Hatay airport, in the most southerly region, bordering Syria to the west is closed indefinitely due severe damage to the runway.

Runway damage at Hatay

Image from @ragipsoylu Twitter

LTCN/Kahramanmaraş airport north of Gaziantep is also reportedly closed to civilian traffic.

LTCS/Sanliurfa airport has als0 been closed to civilian flights while being used as a relief airport.

Reports suggest some airspace in Southwestern Turkey may be impacted due power outages. Flightradar shows aircraft operating on the main airways.

The southwest region bordering Syria is considered a high risk area due to the conflict with Syria and is generally avoided due to the risk of military traffic, USA, and the proximity to airstrikes.

For further information on the airspace risk, see


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