What is it, and why do I need one? CENAMER is a combination of CENtral AMERican countries that work together as one for ATC Service. The controlling Authority is COCESNA. The actual controllers are in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, but control the airspace of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

For flights intending to operate within that joint Flight Information Region (FIR), COCESNA require notification. Every FIR worldwide requires the same thing, but because of the grouping of countries, the process is a little different for COCESNA. A preformatted AFTN message must be sent containing the flight details and planned schedule, to both the AIS office, and to the various billing departments.

The latter is most important, because it give them the opportunity to warn in advance if airspace entry will be denied because of unpaid Navigation Fees. The CENAMER Notification confirmation is normally in the format MPTOXXXX192330, being the originating AFTN address and a date/time stamp.

Notification Requirements

Notification: All flights entering the MHTG/Central American FIR must send notification 48 hours prior to entry.
Documents Required: None.
Lead Time: Official requirement is 48 hours before flight. Notification can be made up to 1 hour prior to airspace entry, but there is a risk that not all departments will have had time to process the message. Assuming there are no billing issues, denial of entry into the airspace is unlikely.
Validity: Once notification is made, there is no need to revise it for a new schedule. The Notification can be considered valid for 72 hours. If you are doing a return leg as well, the permit will be valid round-trip: just make sure you let us know the details of the return flight in the ‘Additional Info’ section when you purchase the permit.
Permit Format: Confirmation is normally in the format MPTOXXXX192330, being the originating AFTN address and a datetime stamp. FPL Field 18 entry is not mandatory, but you can include it as PERMIT/CENAMER NOTIFICATION MPTOXXXX192330.
Aviation Authority Fees: Permit fees are included in the price above. ATC Navigation Fees are billed after the flight, directly to the operator. If billed through Flight Service, a 15% Administration fee is levied.

If you’ve purchased The Permit Book, you’ve got the standard form in the Forms folder included with the download (that includes the list of AFTN addresses). You may contact us at team@flightservice.org for any additional questions!