ADS-B Mandates in 2023

By David Mumford


Certain exemptions to the ADS-B mandate in Europe ended on June 7th, 2023, which means that most aircraft flying in Europe now need to have ADS-B.

Essentially, you were exempt until 7th June if your CofA was from between 1995-2020, and you had a retrofit plan in place, and you never benefitted from any EU funding for the retrofit.

Now, you’re only exempt if your CofA is from before 1995, or you’re doing a maintenance or delivery flight, or you’ll be ceasing ops within EU airspace before Oct 2025.

There’s a whole bunch of EU docs out there containing these rules, but the main one to check is 1207/2011.

Other ADS-B mandates around the world

Here’s a map of all the current ADS-B mandates we know about, in a lovely green tint, mostly pointing in the right direction of where the airspace they refer to are!

OPSGROUP members: Click to download PDF.

Other ADS-B mandates coming soon

July 13th 2023 – ADS-B will be required for all flights in the Fiji domestic sector of the NFFF/Nadi FIR. (You already need it in the New Caledonia sector, i.e. the bit around NWWW/Noumea airport). Ref: AIC 03/23

August 10th 2023 – ADS-B will be required for all flights in Class A airspace (at or above FL180), then in Class B airspace from May 16th 2024, then everywhere else from some time in 2026. Ref: NavCanada

Canada’s ADS-B timeline.

Any more we missed? Let us know!


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  • Jeff Gunter says:

    Thank you for the work you put into collecting and creating this product. Docs like this are a wonderful asset and an amazing starting point in the event of equipment failure/ deferral.

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