TIST/St. Thomas airport re-opens

By David Mumford


St Thomas re-opens to commercial flights today.

All non-military aircraft need to use St. Thomas Jet Center. To request ops, there’s a Notam out saying you should try calling them direct on +1-340-777-9177, but we’ve heard from our local contacts that might not work. If so, you should send your request via SMS to +1-340-998-7243, but make sure you include complete info about your planned flight:

  • Company name
  • Tail number
  • Make and model of aircraft
  • Date of arrival/departure
  • Local time ETA/ETD (TIST is GMT-4)
  • Number of crew/pax both in and out
  • Fuel requirements
  • Method of payment

Airport hours are 0900-1800 local time. Only military ops allowed outside these hours.

Tower and unicom frequency is 118.8. Limited coverage from SJU Center.

ATIS, navaids, ILS, runway lights – all out of service.

No customs at the airport – if you need to clear customs then you can do so through TJIG/Isla Grande.

No internet, no ability to print out anything for flight crews, no rental cars. The only phone service that seems to work is AT&T, and that is patchy at best. SMS messages seem to work much better than phone calls.


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David Mumford

David Mumford

News editor, notam sifter, airspace monitor, map maker, and general purveyor of flight ops info.

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  • Rafa B says:

    Apart from all this, you will be required to descend to FL290 about 300+ miles before TIST ( this as of last week SEP 25th)

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