There’s a Spy In Our Midst…..

By David Mumford


Imagine if there was a TripAdvisor for pilots, with thousands of reports from their fellow aviators on handlers, ATC, and airports around the world?

Well, there is such a place!


No! 🤦

Airport Spy?


Airport Spy is getting busy lately – thank you to everyone who has been busy filing reports.

Some recent reports!

OPSGROUP members can see all reports in Airport Spy via the members Dashboard here.

Spy Reports by Pilots and Operators

You can help out too! when you get back after your trip, or downroute and bored at the hotel – use Airport Spy to write a quick summary.

These are useful for you the next time you visit the airport, but even more useful for other crews that haven’t visited yet. Sloppy handling, average ATC, or just an amazing experience – whatever you encountered, take 2 minutes and jot down the highlights.

What makes a good pilot/operator Airport Spy report? Well, what would you find useful if heading someplace for the first time? What would you tell a colleague in the airbridge? Consider some topics like ATC quality, terrain, unusual procedures, local peculiarities, handling quality, contacts.

Pilots and Operators can file a report here!

Spy Reports by FBOs and Handlers

And now, for the first time ever since lockdown ended, we’re bringing back the option for FBOs and Handlers to file Airport Spy reports too!

Before we pilots jet off to your airport, we’d like to know what’s happening. You open? Ops normal? Any unusual rules or restrictions pilots should know about?

What makes a good FBO/Handler Airport Spy report? Well, just imagine a crew is thinking of heading your way. They’ll have some basic data, but a report with the latest situation is really useful. Areas like Airport/ATC hours, new rules and restrictions, entry requirements, anything that might have changed since they were last there, or, if they’re going for the first time – any local peculiarities, gotchas, or tips. All 8000 OPSGROUP members will get it once you file.

FBOs and Handlers can file a report here!

Why bother?

It’s many years since we wrote this piece: “What is OPSGROUP All About“.  It still holds true. We’re still about all the same things – keeping each other safe, being real, being human, helping each other out, speaking plainly, and sharing radically.

If we share, we keep each other safe. That means that if you come across a new risk, a new danger, a new procedure, something weird, something unusual – tell us, and we’ll tell everyone in the group.

So, please tell us what you know!


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