Monday Briefing: Chilean Volcano update, Frankfurt ATC delays

By Declan Selleck


Chilean Volcano update June 21st: Australia will see significant disruption from midnight zulu tonight, as an ash cloud FL200-400 moves northeast towards Melbourne. The June 4th eruption has to date affected airspace in South America, South Africa and Namibia, and New Zealand.

Frankfurt ATC delays EDDF/New control Tower: Controllers have moved across the airfield to a new tower on the south side of 25L/07R, meaning their view is now ‘reversed’. Therefore, significant ATC flow control has been applied and will continue to cause delays this week. Slots remain difficult to obtain, EDFH/Hahn is a good alternative.

KDTW/Detroit Wayne Construction work completed yesterday (June 19), 22R/04L is returned to operational service.

ORBB/Baghdad FIR With effect June 13th, aircraft types B732, B721, R721, AN26, AN24, AN12, and T154 are not allowed to operate within the Baghdad FIR.

RCAA/Taiwan FIR Moving to new ATM system June 15-30, flow control applied at intermittent periods, separation increased to 3 mins, 20nm between aircraft, delays likely.

LPPR/Porto, Portugal Radar out for maintenance Monday afternoon June 20th, with Eurocontrol predicting high delays for arriving traffic.

EDDF/Frankfurt, Germany Arrival regulations continue due to ATC move to new tower, delays of 30-60 mins daily average at the moment, until June 23.

ZSHA/Shanghai ACC Flight plans for aircraft planning to enter Jinan ACC should be addressed to ZBAAZBZX,ZBAAZRZX AND ZBACZQZX

LCCC/Nicosia FIR New procedure with effect Jun 16; traffic inbound Tel Aviv should plan to cross LEDRA at or below FL290

UMMM/Minsk1 Airport, Belarus (Downtown) will be closed June 26th due to a motorsport event being held there.

June 23 (Thursday) is a public holiday in many countries for Corpus Christi. CAA’s and HQ Permit departments will be closed in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Mexico, Poland and Venezuela.

UTAA/Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Aerodrome requires 72 hours prior notice to US Mil as well as Civil Authorities. Crew should wait for approval from Ground Crew that Turkmenistan customs are ready, before opening any aircraft door. Limited ramp space.

UTDD/Dushanbe FIR, Tadjikistan
The English names of three airports in Tadjikistan have been changed – Kurgan-Tyube is now Qurgonteppa (UTDT), Khudzhand is changed to Khujand (UTDL), and Kulyab is now Kulob (UTDK).


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Declan Selleck

Declan Selleck

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