International Bulletin: France -ATC Reroutes, FAA updates weather guidance

By Cynthia Claros


France – ATC Reroutes 17NOV France is switching from old paper trips to new fancy electronic ones, and there will be reroutes from today onwards … Read the article.

FAA updates weather guidance 17NOV One of the most comprehensive weather resource docs out there, the AC00-45 Aviation Weather Handbook, has been updated by the FAA. We’ve got it in full technicolor for you on slack (OPSGROUP only) (it’s in the #general channel)

VTZZ/India [blur]Problems associated with the removal of 500 and 1000 INR banknotes have extended to the airports: for handling, many services are often paid in cash by your handler – and that cash is much harder to come by. We’ve been asked by several Indian handlers to advise foreign operators to carry plenty of USD, for a while.[/blur]

ZZZZ/Worldwide [blur]The ICAO SID/STAR saga continues: Finland, Singapore, and the UK won’t be joining the party for now. Add your country to the list, if you know the status.[/blur]

BGTL/Thule [blur]For Friday, they are open, but only for aircraft operating in conjunction with the SPAR83 mission. And emergencies, we guess.[/blur]

CYHM/Hamilton [blur]is now RFF Category 7.[/blur]

EKZZ/Denmark [blur]The government announced on 14NOV2016 that it will be extending border controls through at least 12FEB2017. The announcement was largely expected, as the country has lauded the border controls as being highly effective since putting them into place in JAN2016.[/blur]

CYQX/Gander [blur]Canada has issued an updated AIC about the NAT Datalink Mandate – dated 10NOV. The only difference (that we can spot) is the removal of the requirement for VHF coverage in the exempted area.[/blur]

KZZZ/USA [blur] Effective November 29th, 2016, all citizens or nationals of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) who have been issued a 10-year B-1, B-2  or B1/B2 (tourist/business) visa will be required to apply for Electronic Visa Update System (EVUS) approval prior to traveling to the United States. EVUS is a web based system that determines the eligibility of visitors with a valid 10-year visa to travel to the United States and is valid for 2 years or until the traveler’s visa or passport expires.[/blur]

EEPU/Parnu, Finland [blur]is out of Jet A1 until the end of the month[/blur]

NZZZ/New Zealand [blur]All airports are operating normally after the 7.5 earthquake last Monday, travel in the northern part of the South Island remains extremely difficult.[/blur]

AYPM/Port Moresby [blur]has been having ongoing issues with HF. The story is that the HF station where the transmitters are located, has been regularly vandalised, and some gear stolen. Therefore, they are building a new site and expect to have that running by the end of 2017 – in the interim, they are restoring a smaller HF station at ‘8 mile’. [/blur]

EDDH/Hamburg [blur]has something going on from 07-10DEC: they would prefer you didn’t file EDDH as an alternate on those days.[/blur]

UKZZ/Ukraine [blur]From 15-25 November large scale demonstrations are planned in Kiev. These protests could turn violent, cause road closures and disrupt local transport. You should monitor the media and avoid large gatherings[/blur]

SKBO/Bogota [blur]has a bunch of changes due to construction work: runways, approaches, all affected – review the details.[/blur]

RPLL/Manila [blur]We’ve had several more reports of GPS problems in the Manila FIR, especially on approach to and departure from Manila itself. If you plan to lose GPS, then that’s probably a safe place to start from.[/blur]

BKPR/Kosovo [blur]On 13NOV, authorities in Kosovo announced that the International Telecommunication Union will give Kosovo its own international dialling code, +383, on 15 December. Previously, Kosovo used the dialling codes of Serbia, Monaco and Slovenia – paying approximately 217 million USD for that.[/blur]

TQPF/Anguilla [blur]Hours of operation now 1045Z-2300Z. Two hour PPR needed for operations outside hours. Contact Lindon or Jabari:,[/blur]

SKCG/Cartagena [blur]is closed daily overnight, until the end of the month.[/blur]

SCZZ/Chile [blur]There are ongoing public sector strikes across the country. Expect possible delays at border check points, ports and airports due to striking Chilean customs staff. Check with your local handler for updates.[/blur]

DNZZ/Nigeria [blur]Renewed reports of fuel shortages in the country; local airlines have had to reduce schedules to to lack of fuel – if operating, plan ahead carefully.[/blur]

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Cynthia Claros

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