How to find the latest Covid flight restrictions

By David Mumford


With Covid now present on every continent except Antarctica, travel restrictions for countries around the world are changing almost daily. Keeping tabs on everything is hard work, but if you want to know what the restrictions are for specific countries, there are some really good resources out there to make this easier.

1. Check the Notams!

We never thought we’d say it, but we are seeing these slowly starting to improve, with most countries issuing Notams containing specific information about exactly what kind of flights are allowed. Make sure to check the FIR ICAO code of the country (check here if you’re unsure what code to use). Search the Notams using the updated FAA Notam Search site; or if you prefer the old-fashioned version, use this site instead.

2. UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office website

Click here. The UK has eyes on the ground pretty much everywhere. Each country has a dedicated page, with a specific section on the coronavirus and the latest restrictions on inbound travel, which gets updated regularly. The focus is on the rules for UK travelers, but it’s still very useful.

3. US website

Click here. This US TravelStateGov website lists the Covid-related entry rules and requirements for all countries around the world, as published by the US Embassy in those countries. So pretty handy for US travelers.

4. OPSGROUP Dashboard

For more info on the latest travel and flight restrictions, OPSGROUP members can head over to the Dashboard and use the search function.

Click here to head to the Dashboard.

If you’re still stuck for an answer, ask other members in the group in the #questions channel, or shoot us an email and we’ll see what we can dig up.

5. Travel within the EU

The EU has created a simple tool for us to check exactly what travel rules are currently in place for each European country – check it out.

Click here to open the EU tool.


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