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By Mark Zee


Thank you — all received! Thank you very much for taking the time to send us your story on Dorian. If you requested it, we’ll send you a copy of the report once complete, and tell you about the new Response Team.

Before you go …

You probably know someone else involved in Dorian Relief – we’re especially keen to hear from pilots and other flight ops folks involved. Would you send them the link to this, so we get their story too?

Survey link:

If you like, copy and paste this into an email to a friend that was involved:

New email


I just completed some questions on Hurricane Dorian around the aviation relief efforts, and they are looking for more responses. You might like to help out …

Here’s the link:

Kind regards,


We’re grateful for your help and input. If you have any questions, or need help – just email the OPSGROUP team.


More on the topic:

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Mark Zee

Mark Zee

Founder of OPSGROUP, and a former airline pilot, ATCO and flight dispatcher. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Email me at

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