Additional ATS Surveillance Charges in Shanwick

By Chris Shieff


As ATS services are now mandated through most of the North Atlantic Oceanic airspace, NATS has introduced increased and additional charges for ATS surveillance. These charges are to recover the costs of ADS-B usage in the Shanwick Oceanic ATC coverage area.

There are 2 different charging zones:

  1. North Atlantic Crossing Zone: comprises the Shanwick FIR/OCA. Any traffic that touches its boundaries or operates to/from or through it are to be charged a NAC zone fee UNLESS it is operating solely within separate airspace jurisdictions (i.e. BOTA, NOTA, SOTA, etc.) or operating within the newly designated “Tango Zone” area, which is the second charging zone.
  2. Tango Zone: a smaller, defined area of airspace within the Southeast corner of the oceanic airspace surrounding ATS routes T9 and T290 (does not include the more westerly Tango Routes T16, T13, and T213 – these fall within the North Atlantic Crossing Zone!)

There are 2 different charges:

  1. Core” charge: one standard charge that remains the same in each zone.
  2. Data” charge: covers ATS surveillance data usage and changes within each zone reflecting the differing costs of satellite data.

If operating through BOTH the Tango and NAC areas, flights will only be charged the NAC area fee.

Charges will NOT vary by time, weight or distance flown.

You can check out the full briefing to airlines issued by NATS here.

Read about the changes coming up for the Tango Routes on Jan 30, 2020 – the same date that the expanded NAT Datalink Mandate goes into effect.


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  • Raffaele Moro says:

    Do these charges apply to airlines only? We are a US registered PT 91 corporate with two Falcon jets. Will these charges apply to us also?

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