Ops Planning for the 2022 Singapore Airshow

By Chris Shieff


The Singapore Airshow is back, and taking place from Feb 15-18 at WSSS/Changi airport.

As one of the largest aviation events in Asia, things are going to get busy.

If you’re flying in, here is a rundown of everything you’ll need to know before you get there.

Airport Closures

From Feb 10-18 Changi will close to all arrivals and departures for over an hour in the middle of each day. This is to allow for practice displays and then the main event.

The closures all commence late in the morning and vary slightly each time. You can find the exact timings below – Singapore’s time zone is UTC + 8.

The restricted airspace covers a large portion of Changi’s CTR and will apply from surface to 10,000 feet.

Here’s a picture:

Nearby WSSL/Seletar will not be affected by the closures.

Rush Hour

Avoid planning to take-off or land on either side of the closure windows. There will likely be a back log of traffic and extensive delays. Arriving aircraft are advised to plan for at least an extra twenty minutes of holding fuel.

If you’re arriving from a major airport in the Asian region, also be aware of Singapore’s ground delay program which may be activated. Here’s the relevant page from Singapore’s AIP, but if you are departing an affected airport for Changi, you may need to stick to a calculated take off time (CTOT). The allowance is -5/+10 min. Outside of this window you’ll need to ask for a new CTOT.

Once airborne, if you get held up by more than 15 minutes make sure you let them know. Their AFTN address is WSJCZQZX.


Both private and commercial operators need a landing permit for Singapore. Commercial ones reportedly take a number of working days to process so apply early. You can speak to the CAA directly on +65 65 42 1122 or caas_atlas_admin@caas.gov.sg. If you’d prefer the help of a local agent, we’d suggest SG World Aviation Services. You can reach them on +65 85 774830 or ops@sgworld.net.


Singapore is found just one degree north of the equator, and so convective thunderstorms are common all year round, and can be quite severe. The worst times are in the afternoon and evenings. Expect to use additional fuel for deviations or holding.

Covid Entry Rules

The rules for foreigners to enter Singapore are tight. But there are ways they can enter with no quarantine. The most common is via the ‘Vaccinated Travel Lane,’ which most travellers are eligible for. There’s a bunch of boxes to tick here, so we recently put together this article that should help.

Crew have two choices. You can enter under the standard rules which don’t require a vaccination or Covid test. But you’ll be stuck isolating in the hotel until departure. If you want to get out (and enjoy the show) you can also apply for the VTL above if you follow the same requirements as your passengers.


If you’re planning on flying into nearby WSSL/Seletar, the biggest issue is likely to be parking. If you haven’t already, make sure you get in touch with your agent to make sure you reserve a spot as the airport can quickly fill up.

The airport itself can be operationally challenging – there are no instrument approaches, and it is in close proximity to military airspace. Click here for a full briefing on what to expect.

WSSL/Seletar – 8nm west of Changi. Parking can be very limited.

The Official Word

You can find the official Singapore AIP Supp (026/2022) for the event here.


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Chris Shieff

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