UK Registered Traveller service updated

By Mark Zee


Those that enjoy waiting at Immigration can skip this article; for the rest of us, every additional measure in mitigating those delays are more than welcome. Last week the UK Registered Traveller Service , which is the equivalent of the US Global Entry program, was expanded to include a few more countries: Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.  Additionally, Bristol and Cardiff will be added to the list of participating airports.

Good news then, especially with the revelation that the target processing time at life-sapping airports like London Heathrow is 45 minutes. If you’ve had the pleasure to fly to LHR’s American cousin, JFK, then you may well be among those who’ve waited in the 1-2 hour statistical range.

For positioning crews, airline staff, or anyone else that isn’t eligible for the Duty Crew line – enrolling in a couple of these programs will prove useful. Global Entry gets you automatic entry into TSA Pre✓® as well (which will come in handy when you discover that US Domestic queues for TSA are as long as the international ones …)




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Mark Zee

Mark Zee

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