Monday Briefing: Karachi Airport Attack, Italian Strike

By Declan Selleck


OPKC/Karachi open after attack 09JUN The Taliban attack on Karachi’s International Airport will keep OPKC on the ‘avoid’ list for a long time to come. The airport reopened at 1100Z today but 07R, the closer runway, remains closed.

Italian strike goes ahead for 11JUN 09JUN An ATC strike in Italy is going ahead as planned 1030-1430Z on Wednesday. Overflights and Intercon arrivals not affected. Other international arrivals must land by 1100Z.

OLBA/Beirut, Lebanon ATC strike 0800-1000Z on 10JUN announced on Sunday. Traffic into and out of the main airport suspended, but overflights not affected.

SPxx/Peru Significant airspace restructuring coming to Peru on 24JUL. There will be new airspace configuration and major changes in the TMA’s of Lima, Arequipa, Cusco , Pucallpa, Chiclayo, Trujillo and Piura. Check charts are current.

MPZL/Panama FIR A reminder from ATC that Flight Plans must be filed in the new ICAO 2012 format and that the DOF code must be inserted into the plan , flight plans submitted with a DOF exceeding 24 hrs will not be accepted

SLVR/Santa Cruz, Bolivia Arrival and departure slots will be in force from 13JUN-16JUN due to the G77 developing nations summit. An alternate option may be SLCB/Cochabamba, 180nm away.

CZQX/Gander OCA – some feedback from Gander since the NAT changes on 29MAY. Aircraft exiting the NAT westbound at an OEP/Oceanic Exit Point other than the one initially filed, should always route to the landfall point associated with the new clearance. Expect an onward clearance after that landfall point. Also, co-ordinates should be carefully cross checked in the FMS, the shorthand N5450 format can lead to Nav errors.
East Africa – Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda have just introduced the East Africa Tourist Visa, which allows multiple entries among the three countries for a period of 90 days for $100.

United Arab Emirates – 10JUN-12JUN Abu Dhabi is hosting the largest event on the IATA calendar, the biennial Slot Conference, which will attract nearly 1,000 delegates from over 200 airlines as well as representatives of over 60 airports. The conference aims to help airlines and airports worldwide obtain slots towards offering the best possible schedules for their customers.

FASZ/Skukuza (Kruger Park) – Starting 04JUN prior notice for landings must be obtained at least 2 working days in advance. Requests must be submitted in writing and addressed to Skukuza airport management either by fax or email. Penalties for non-authorized landings will be levied.


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Declan Selleck

Declan Selleck

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