Monday Briefing: China ADIZ Flight Planning Rules, Warsaw FIR reroutes

By Declan Selleck


China ADIZ FPL Rules Dec 4: Last weeks introduction of a new Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) in the East China Sea requests operators to send FPL data to Beijing. There is no new requirement for overflight permits or prior permission. Advice being given to operators is to copy the ATC plan to the two AFTN addresses listed. Read more below …

Poland FIR reroutes Dec 3: With the introduction of a new ATC System in Poland, significant restrictions exist in the Warsaw FIR and will continue into the new year. To reduce complexity, traffic originating in Russia is rerouted around Poland, the ACC is at 65% capacity and TMA at 75%.

LSGG/Geneva Transition to new stripless ATC system will be complete 11DEC. Approach running at 80% capacity until 10DEC.

EPWW/Warsaw ACC Significant restrictions in place for the next few months due to new system. Overall Enroute capacity reduction of 35%. Restrictions affect traffic departing from U… with destinations LI** LE** LO** EG**, LFP* and EHAM from 26 November until 15 January.

Afghanistan PPR is Mandatory for all flights to Bagram (OAIX), Jalalabad (OAJL), Kabul (OAKB), Kandahar (OAKN) and Tereen (OATN). For operations to more than one airfield, a separate PPR request form must be submitted for each one.

NAT/North Atlantic The FAA will publish a NOTAM on 12DEC detailing plans for the rollout of Phase 2 of the North Atlantic datalink mandate. Implementation will begin with Phase 2a on 05FEB2015, at which time flights within the North Atlantic Tracks (NAT) between FL350 and FL390 must be equipped with Fans 1/A controller-pilot datalink communications (CPDLC) and ADS-C systems. The program expands to these altitudes in the entire ICAO NAT region on Dec. 7, 2017, and to all flights in this region above FL290 on Jan. 30, 2020.

Philippines Due to ongoing relief efforts, fuel supply at the following locations is limited: RPMB/General Santos, RPMD/Davao, RPVI/Iloilo, and RPVK/Kalibo. There are also intermittent shortages at RPLL/Manila.

YMML/Melbourne is introducing Ground Delay Program capability as an ATFM measure. Currently exists at Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. Operators will be issued a COBT slot time and must adhere. Slots are available from the Australian National Operations Centre (NOC).

South America Chile and Peru have introduced Oceanic Procedures for flights operating within their Antofagasta and Lima Oceanic FIRs, particularly on routes Lima-Santiago and vv. Refer AIC 5/13.

LTAI/Antalya Technical Stops are now accepted during the Winter Period. Previously, AYT did not accept any technical stops due to slot demand.

Russia New requirements for API and PNR data for Airlines operating both scheduled and non-scheduled flights in effect 01DEC. API data should be transmitted 15 mins prior departure to SITA MOWRU8X. NOTAM A2345/13 and AIC 04/13.

Central America. Many operators overlook payment of Navigation invoices in Central America, overdue payment of which is not discovered until a permit is applied for. COCESNA, the agency managing ATC in the region, has reminded operators that flights will not be allowed with overdue balances. The following are contact email addresses for the CAA/DGAC Billing department each country – check that your balance due is nil. Belize: Guatemala: El Salvador: Honduras: Nicaragua: Costa Rica: Ensure that you apply for a CENAMER Permit (CENAMER Notification) before your flight into any FIR in this region.

Saudi Arabia Any flights landing at King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA) with passengers from Jijiga, Ethiopia (HAJJ) will be subject to a fine.

Turkey The DGCA announced on 27NOV that with immediate effect, original insurance certificates are required for overflight as well as landing permits related to scheduled flights. Previously, a PDF copy was accepted for overflights.

India Crews operating Ferry Flights and General Aviation crews can once again secure visas or TLP’s (Temporary Landing Permits) on arrival into Indian airports. In addition, Indian missions and posts abroad have been authorized to grant business visas to crew of private non-revenue and charter flights within three days of the visa application. These visas will be endorsed on their national passport and not on the crew member certificate. These visa processing times also do not apply to crew who are nationals of a PRC country. Visas for these crew members could take as many as 30 days.


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Declan Selleck

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