Monday Briefing: Belgium strike, Italy Private Aircraft tax

By Declan Selleck


Belgium closed today Jan 30: A strike today is creating travel chaos across Belgium, focused primarily on transport sector areas, and brought by workers in protest at EU austerity measures. EBCI/Charleroi is closed until 0530Z tomorrow. EBBR/Brussels is not as badly affected air traffic wise as expected – but departures are likely to be delayed due to pax and crew transport issues in actually getting to the Airport. EBAW/Antwerp and EBOS/Ostend are both operating OK. EBLG/Liege may have some delays this evening. See more below …

Italy Private Aircraft Tax – update Jan 30: Just before Christmas, Italy published plans to tax all visiting Private aircraft that stayed longer than 48 hours. The figures were astonishingly high – for a private Gulfstream G-IV the annual tax would be about $320,000 USD. Don’t panic yet. The law is still not in effect, this cannot happen before March 1st – but even at that point, there will be a significant amount of judicial challenges that will likely delay it for a long time, or better still, reject it altogether. Stay tuned.

HAAA/Addis Ababa FIR, Ethiopia ATC reporting that conflicting traffic is still being encountered at MANDA and PARIM, due to poor ATS coordination. Advice to crews – to avoid these issues, do not use UA451 or W180.

LPPO/Santa Maria FIR Flores Island radar frequency 129.4 will remain out of service for the longer term

EDDF/Frankfurt, Germany The new overnight curfew 2300-0500 remains in place for all aircraft using Frankfurt International.

OPPS/Pakistan The name of Peshawar International Airport has been changed to Bacha Khan International Airport.

FCCC/Brazzaville, Congo ADS-C and CPDLC installed and on test.

OOMM/Muscar FIR, Oman Due to high traffic density, flow control has been established for UAE Departures. Between 0630-0730, all departures entering via LABRI or TARDI, will have 7 minutes between them. Between 1700-2359Z, 20 miles between traffic entering via LALDO or GOMTA.

OMAE/Emirates FIR, UAE Due To Changes In The Tehran FIR, severs ATS routes are closed: L519 between LUDER and KUMAN, and P574 between TUKLA and KUMAN, and all SIDs exiting OMAE FIR via PAPAR.

RPHI/Manila FIR Manila Radio on the SEA-2 grouping Freq 13309 is U/S for the foreseeable future.

Moldova (Chisinau) FIR From 01JAN 2012, all flights performed in the airspace of the Chisinau FIR are subject to Eurocontrol conditions of application of the route charges system and conditions of payment. The value of the route air navigation charges including the administrative unit rate established for Moldova amounts to EUR 41.09 (excluding vat) from 01 January 2012 per service unit. The rate of interest on late payment of route charges is 11.57 per cent pa.
FIJI Permits Slight amendment to Fiji Permit requirements for Non-Scheduled Commercial Flight In transit across, or making stops In the territory of Fiji. Prior Permission Is required to be obtained from the Permanent Secretary for Civil Aviation at least 14 Days prior to Departure from the last Port Of Call before Fiji.
The following Information must be submitted with the Application for Approval. 1) Aircraft Type And Registration 2) Operators Name And Address 3) Charterers Name And Address 4) Name And Agent In Fiji 5) Purpose Of Flight 6) Details Of Traffic To Be Set Down And To Be Picked From Fiji 7) Proposed Fares For Passengers Originating In Fiji 8) Time And Date Of Proposed Flight 9) Aircraft Take-Off Weight And Tyre Presurre 10) Details Of Third Party Insurance Cover For Flight Over Or Within Fiji 11) Number Of Passengers On Board
Italy Private Aircraft Tax Update
In December, Italy’s emergency budget introduced a tax on Italian registered private aircraft and on non Italian registered private aircraft that spent more than 48 consecutive hours on Italian territory.

Private aircraft are defined to include all aircraft other than State aircraft, aircraft dedicated to commercial flights, air work aircraft, FTO’s aircraft, aero clubs aircraft, newly built aircraft until sold and rescue aircraft. Non Italian corporate aircraft operated privately would – for example – be affected, with the tax escalating to over euro 300,000 annually for large corporate jets. The tax is to be charged at the following annual rates (by reference to MTOW): 1) up to 1.000 kg., euro 1,50 per kg; 2) up to 2.000 kg., euro 2,45 per kg; 3) up to 4.000 kg., euro 4,25 per kg; 4) up to 6.000 kg., euro 5,75 per kg; 5) up to 8.000 kg., euro 6,65 per kg; 6) up to 10.000 kg., euro 7,10 per kg; 7) above 10.000 kg., euro 7,55 per kg; For helicopters, the tax is doubled per Kg. The tax is due by the registered owner, the beneficiary or the lessee.

At things stand, the legislation cannot come into effect before March 1st at the absolute earliest. However, the probability of this actually coming into effect remain significantly slim. To begin with, the proposed law will be subject to many judicial challenges nationally and at EU level.


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Declan Selleck

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