FAA Airspace SLOP Mini Guide

By David Mumford


Strategic Lateral Offset Procedures (SLOP) in FAA-Controlled Oceanic Airspace and the Anchorage FIR are based off the ICAO Doc 4444 SLOP rules, and can be found in the FAA AIP ENR section 7.1.

I don’t want to read the FAA AIP ENR section 7.1

No, neither do we. Here’s what that experience looks like:

Handy info, but fairly brutal on the eyes and soul.

Is there another way to get this info?

Indeed there is!

We took all the excellent info provided by the FAA with regards to SLOP rules in FAA airspace, and turned it into a quick guide – complete with a simple map of the rules for the different regions.

OPSGROUP members can download a copy for free here.

If you’re not an OPSGROUP member, but you’d like to be, you can join here. (Or you could just screenshot the image above instead – if you’d like a grainy, pixelated JPEG instead of the full, juicy PDF).

We’re going to be publishing more of these little docs over the next few months. We’re calling them “Opsicles” – refreshing bits of ops info, just for members. So keep an eye out for the next installment!


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