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Aviation is slipping into a void – where the system is more powerful than the humans that run it, and has left our needs behind.

The forces of business and government have become so strong that our human voice is almost extinguished.

Commercial pressure, over- regulation and fear of blame pervades our entire system. We’re drowning in data but missing the message. Awful Notams, the shootdown of MH17 and the incredibly close call of AC759 show the problem at its most extreme.

OpsGroup exists to make aviation human-friendly. This is our ‘why’. We do this by connecting to each other as people, not professionals, and considering the human impact of decisions that we make.

So, we put humanity before commerce and bureaucracy. We need to remember that we run the system, and not the reverse – we have the power to change things, one good decision at a time.

When we do this, we make aviation work for us, and we can then make aviation a true force for good in the world.


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