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What is SECEX?

We started the SECEX or Security Exchange in the early days of OpsGroup (back in 2016), as an informal, protected sub-group to allow members to discretely and securely discuss and share risks affecting overflight and landing in unfamiliar places. In the past, when we were figuring out airspace risks like North Korea, Sea of Japan, the early days of Libya risk, and the Kenya/Egypt issues, the group was very useful for all involved. Through SECEX, we are able to keep the Airspace Risk map up to date.


We’re now expanding this team

Because OpsGroup is a mix of different types of international operation – Airline, Private, Business Aviation, Government, Military – we have a LOT of knowledge within the group as a whole, so getting together to discuss risk makes a lot of sense.

SECEX is guided through a small group discussion list, run via email, managed by OpsGroup, with restricted access.

What’s expected if I join?

One of the founding principles of OpsGroup is that we keep each other informed about risks and threats. If you see something, say something” is a cliché, but it’s exactly what this is about. If you join, just keep an eye on the discussion and add in your views/thoughts/information when you can. As a SECEX group member, you’ll also be privy to information that is not public, so you understand that discretion in sharing outside the group is important.

SECEX is both discussion and risk sharing. Example of the most popular topics from the past:

– Who is overflying North Korea?
– What levels are safe to overfly Afghanistan?
– Pakistan threat level
– The EASA/Eurocontrol “Rapid warning” – useless information?
– Isn’t Ukraine Simferopol region safe again?
– ICAO Conflict Zone database status
– Landing Risk in Burundi
– Risk Assessment, how to complete one that is real and not just for the Feds
– Re: Mali and drones, overflight risk
– Re: South Sudan promised to shoot down aircraft without overflight permits
– Why is FL260 safe and FL240 is not?


Who is this for?

We really want more dispatchers with experience routing flights around Conflict Zones, more pilots with experience of operating through difficult regions, Safety/Security managers, and anyone with expertise in the area.

Our team loves to help! Question? Email us at