What makes a good Airport Spy report?

Well, just imagine a crew is thinking of heading your way. They’ll have some basic data, but a report with the latest situation is really useful. All 7000 members will get it once you file.

Areas like Airport/ATC hours, new rules and restrictions, entry requirements, anything that might have changed since they were last there, or, if they’re going for the first time – any local peculiarities, gotchas, or tips.

Here’s a great one for Auckland, New Zealand …

Airport + Spy = Airport Spy
This man is a fully trained Airport Spy. Do not attempt at home.

Auckland: open but quiet

Situation report

New Zealand remains in lock down. The Air Center One FBO is open using two skeleton staff Customer Service and ramp ops pod teams. FBO Service is available H24/7. We are still servicing local air ambulance and repatriation flights. At the moment no other international private jet flights are being allowed. The Government has indicated that there will be a review of the current lockdown at the end of this week subject to the current trend down in Covid 19 infection rate.

Airport/ATC Hours:


Pax and crew rules:

There is a lock down for the whole country which will continue for at least another 10 days. Only NZ citizens are permitted to arrive and they must go into Government approved quarantine/isolation for 14 days. Crews can arrive but must remain at their hotel during transit. We have had several repatriation flights arrive with NZ citizens being returned home. Private jets can now arrive to uplift foreign visitors currently stranded in New Zealand but they must arrive with crew only. The usual pre arrival details for each flight must be forwarded to us ( Air Center One) before flight proceeds. This includes crew and passenger passport details.

Flight rules:

Domestic air ambulance flights, international Medivac and organ retrieval flights are permitted to operate using Air Center One FBO facility. Repatriation flights to uplift foreign nationals are also permitted. Cargo flights by operators such as FEDEDX, UPS, Polar Air Cargo, Kalilita etc are permitted. Authorities may require crews to be taken by Air Center One FBO vans to the International Terminal building from the FBO for CIQ processing and health checks. The Air Center One FBO and transfer vans have all been disinfected and are cleaned again after each flight/transfer. International medevac flights are processed at the FBO usually on the ramp.

Filed by:

Air Center One, NZAA Maree Tollenaar | FBO Manager | maree @aircenterone.co.nz , Donovan Bowden | Ops and Flight Support Manager | donovan@aircenterone.co.nz, Robin Leach |CEO| rleach@aircenterone.co.nz

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