Hurricane Dorian Impact Tracker – Aviation

Airport closures, Route impacts, and Airspace affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Bahamas Relief flights – please check this important Operational Summary.

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Bahama Relief Flights – Airport Status

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FB group: Bahamas Relief Civil Air Coordination


Bahamas – Most affected airports
Airport              Runway    Apron    Airport      Fuel           Police/Security/Customs
MYGF Freeport        Open      Clear    Restricted   Yes            Yes
MYAM Marsh Harbour   Open      Clear    Restricted   Contaminated   Yes
MYAT Treasure Cay    Open      Clear    Restricted   No             Yes
MYAS Sandy Point     Open      Clear    Restricted   No             Yes


Earlier reports from crew and local sources:

MYGF/Freeport International:

Thurs 1.45pm ET  Freeport is reportedly operational.  Only operating with Nema coordination. US NAVY ‘WARLOCK’ is managing the frequency to coordinate traffic in the area. Frequencies 303.0 and 136.37.

Weds 5.30pm ET
Runway and taxiways are no longer flooded. Everything is above water. Most buildings are showing flooding damage but the hard surfaces all appear intact. Currently helicopter only, but may be suitable for fixed wing shortly.

Weds 2.30pm ET The primary terminals have fared better than the first images seen of the Western Air Terminal. Domestic and international terminals are standing. International terminal being cleared of floodwater remnants.

Note: CNN reports that the Freeport Airport has been ‘destroyed’ are inaccurate. The images seen in the media are of the Western Air terminal, which was indeed severely damaged, but the main buildings are mostly OK.


MYAS/Sandy Point:

Thurs 2.20pm ET  Operator report: Our first flight was with supplies to Sandy Point, returning with evacuees. The second flight is dispatching now. We worked with NEMA late yesterday to assure security would be in place at Sandy Point prior to our dispatch. On arrival we found two police officers overseeing operations and a local government official (council woman?) who was coordinating the off-loading of supplies and approving passengers who boarded our flight.

MYAS/Sandy Point, with police presence. Photo Thursday am.


MYAT/Treasure Cay:

Weds 5.30pm ET Lots of GA traffic arriving/departing the field. Looks like the fuel truck is operating, too. We only did a low approach to assess the runway, but it appears clear and is certainly being used as of 9/4 17:30 EST.


MYAM/Marsh Harbor, Abaco:

Thurs 5.30pm ET  We have been notified by the Commonwealth of the Bahamas Ministry of Health that the docks and airport MYAM have been re-opened today. Notam/TFR’s remain in place and require advance approval of Bahamian NEMA before operations into this area. There are substantial delays into/out of MYNN in-air holds as well as ground holds at departure points as MYNN deals with the bottleneck of relief flights on top of routine traffic. It’s a mess out there.

– Video from Monday am shows earlier situation:

MYAM Tuesday am aerial view

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