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Operating Instructions


Version 1.747

Use this thing to report some thing to OPSGROUP. With our Reagan-era technology, the chance of data compromise is nil. Stay anonymous, and pass on the dangers you come across.

What things?

  • A new risk, danger, hazard.
  • A gotcha that got ya.
  • Something that will annoy other pilots.

User Manual


Version 1.747

As we all know, the world is ending soon thanks to the advance of AI. So, instead of trying to outsmart the latest technology, we revert to the tried and tested early years of the 1980’s, when computers barely worked at all.

The report you file here is first securely sent to a second-hand Commodore 64, ensuring any identifying information from the internet is swiftly discarded. If it makes it as far as the serial port, the report is piped through a specially made VGA cable to an IBM 286 DX2-33 and transferred onto cassette tape.

40 minutes later, that tape is then loaded onto a second C64 machine, and finally printed out using a dot-matrix printer and delivered to the OPSGROUP team via the US Postal service.

This method is dramatically effective in stripping out any identifying details, ensuring your report to report-a-thing is anonymous, de-identified, and secure as a Texas jail cell..

More ways to Report

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