Where’s ADS-B in 2023?

By Rebecca Lougheed


Oh how we love trawling the internet trying to find out when the next ADS-B mandate might come into effect. But we know you probably have even less time to do it, and we were feeling nice…

So here are the ones to know about coming up in January 2023…

Actually, before we tell you about those…

Here is a link to our general ADS-B post that has all the current mandates listed in it.

And here’s a map of all the current ADS-B mandates we know about, in a lovely green tint, some vaguely pointing in the rough direction of where the airspace it refers to is. No, you won’t get brownie points for pointing out one does not quite point where it should – we couldn’t fit them all in!

OPSGROUP members: Click to download PDF.

And here are some other ADS-B things you might be interested in as well:

Who to look out for in Jan 2023

On the 8th day of Christmas, my true love said to me: there are three ADS-Bs mandating. The 8th day is Jan 1st in case that confused anyone.

  • Curaçao

The ‘C’ of the ABC islands in the Netherlands Antilles is updating what they mandate from January 1. Currently, all flights operating at and above FL290 need ADS-B. From Jan, this will extend from the surface up.

Phase 3 involves “the surveillance of Curaçao TMA, CTR Hato, CTR Flamingo, HATO ATZ, Flamingo ATZ, and airspace encompassing the remainder of the TNCF FIR outside the Curaçao TMA [being] implemented”.

The place to find the official info is AIC 10/19

  • New Zealand

New Zealand already has a mandate for any flight operating at or above FL245 in airspace where ‘Transponder Mandatory Control’ occurs. In other words where you have to have a transponder.

Their next phase actually starts on December 31 2022, (probably at midnight though so I think they’re just being difficult). It will also involve the mandated airspace extending all the way from the surface.

They have a dedicated website for it, which as far as aviation technical regulation type websites go, is frankly amazing. It has a countdown, and handy links to all the things you probably have questions on. It is almost fun to visit (although it is still just about ADS-B).

  • Saudi Arabia

ADS- B will be mandated in class A, E, and B/C/D (around major airports).

They store their info on this in GACAR 91.477 (b)(1)(vi)” which I eventually found by doing a general search of ADS-B on their website. You can do it here too if you want, but in case you don’t here is a screenshot of the reference page.

91.477 Special Rules for Foreign Civil Aircraft. Item (vi) is what you want to read

What to look out for beyond Jan 2023

There are a few indefinitely delayed, or with far in the future dates, that we thought we’d remind you of again:

  • Canada

This was delayed to give folk time to update their equipment. We wrote a bit about it here. In summary, the dates to know are:

    • August 10 2023 All flights within Canadian Class A airspace (essentially all domestic airspace at or above FL180) will need ADS-B
    • May 16 2024 All Class A and B airspace (essentially all domestic airspace at or above FL125) will need it
    • Some distant date in 2026  Everywhere from the surface app including Class C, D, and E airspace.
  • South Africa

There isn’t a set date for it. Some stuff is in place but they are having issues with power and politics, and probably the power to run the ADS-B systems for that matter, so watch this space.

  • Europe

Europe have mandated ADS-B already, but there are a whole bunch of exemptions depending on AoC, retrofits etc etc.

Don’t go getting complacent about the fact your aircraft falls under the exemptions because there is actually a ‘transition period’ which will end next year (and most of those exemptions go with it).

    • June 7 2023 Whether some exemptions will continue is not clear so keep your ears pricked for info on this.

There are a whole load of amendments to amendments to things you can read by clicking one of these links and seeing what surprise awaits you the other end of it. One of them really is a surprise, ha!

(EU) No 1207/2011, (EU) No 1028/2014, (EU) 2017/386, (EU) 2020/587, (EU) No 88/25(EU) No 1207/2011EASA AMC, Eurocontrol ADS-B Map

  • Seychelles

Another one indefinitely delayed. It was due to come into force in 2020 but then AIC 1/2020 came out saying ‘not yet’ and we haven’t seen anything to change that since.

  • Malaysia

Currently they are running trials and there doesn’t seem to be a plan to actually mandate it all until maybe 2025.

    • Possibly sometime in 2025…

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