We’re hiring! Help OPSGROUP fight the Forces of Darkness

By David Mumford


OPSGROUP is hiring. We’re looking for someone to join our team full-time.

What’s the job?

Every night, when you go to sleep, bad stuff happens out in the world.

Thousands of new Notams get pumped out, mysterious new rules get published, new airspace risks crawl out of holes in the ground – in other words, the Forces of Darkness are hard at work messing stuff up for pilots and operators.

In the morning, when you wake up, it’s your job to fight back.

How do I fight back?

There’s a whole list of stuff you do each day to fight back. It’s actually pretty easy to follow. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Because ultimately it’s this: you fight back by understanding that with the right mindset, the flight ops jungle can also be an adventure. The mission is to make aviation more human-friendly for all of us. To do that, the most important thing is that you bring great energy to the fight, with a little humour and fun, and a genuine desire to make things better.

Yeah but tell me about the actual job

Ok. Here’s what you’ll be doing each day:

  • Listen to members! Assess new risk and ops reports, monitor emails and Slack, help members with questions and guidance.
  • Communicate with CAA’s, FBO’s, ATC, Airports to nail down the skinny on the latest risks and changes.
  • Write crisp, clear ops alerts in plain human-friendly English.
  • Help compile the Daily Brief for members.
  • Research larger operational risks and changes for blog articles and guidance to members, and write helpful, clear articles.
  • Be part of organizing Danger Club – our safe space for pilots to talk about dangerous things.
  • Help with fixing NOTAMs.
  • Present and talk on member chats on specific topics.
  • Come up with new ideas for new member tools, resources, useful articles, maps, and other genius things.
  • Keep our flight ops databases up to date.
  • Monitor our sources for airspace risks and changes for Safe Airspace.

Face Plasticity Over Time

That list sounds great, doesn’t it?

Here’s what it looks like in reality, over the course of a typical day:

Help us make OPSGROUP unnecessary

In an ideal world, OPSGROUP wouldn’t exist – because we wouldn’t have to. Everything would work properly, there’d be nothing annoying about international flight ops, and life for pilots and flight ops people would be just hunky dory.

In an ideal world, Notams would work just fine. Airlines and operators would talk to each other all the time, exchanging information. New rules and regulations would make perfect sense, right off the bat. We’d all talk to each other like human beings, not cyborgs. There’d be no more ATC strikes, airport closures, or airspace risks. It would truly be the wonderful world Louis Armstrong envisioned.

You can help us achieve the dream of making OPSGROUP unnecessary. There’s a lot of stuff we want to work on. But what else needs fixing? Maybe you have some ideas? Join us on our quest.

I’m a pilot. Can I apply?

No. You need to fly the planes!

We need someone full time, 35 hours or so of work a week. Some weeks more, some weeks less, depending on what’s going on. So it probably won’t work alongside a flying job.

We’re really looking for flight planners, dispatchers, international flight ops specialists. Someone with a solid background of working on the ground somewhere, supporting pilots in the sky.

Maybe you actually work for the Forces of Darkness at the moment? Or maybe you just feel like you do, and want a change? Like this guy…

Working hours: Weekdays, daytime hours, full-time, but flexible.

Location: Your island, cabin, apartment, garden, boat, tiny home, co-working space – wherever you have a quiet spot to yourself and some decent internet.

Are you the superhero we’re looking for?

Great. You can do your first interview already! It’ll take about 15 minutes, we’ll take you on a little adventure, ask you some things, tell you some things. All you need is your big computer (couple of practical things to do, so your phone isn’t ideal) and a little time.

Ready? Go … (or open in a new window)





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