Remember that big NAT Military exercise last year? Formidable Shield is happening again now until 19 MAY, but this year it’s not such a big deal.

It’s all happening in an area just off the Scottish coast called “EGD701”. We found a nice clear picture of it, deep in the bowels of the Eurocontrol website:

The exercise will be taking place from 1300-2100z each day until 19 MAY.

The impact on traffic will differ depending on the position of the NAT tracks each day, but the only really significant thing to know is that overflying traffic through NAT HLA airspace (FL285-420) in this area will get 30NM separation, and other levels will get 60NM separation. That’s it.

Eurocontrol are saying they next year’s Formidable Shield exercise will be much more disruptive (similar to the one back in 2018), though no details have been published for that one yet.

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