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The latest alerts published by OPSGROUP – changes specifically affecting international flight operations.

Consolidated live travel alert feed: Foreign Office advice, US warnings, Travel alerts etc.

Thursday 29 Oct 13:21 UTC
Chad: Updated information on quarantine requirements for travellers who want to stay in Chad for 7 days or more and for travellers who want to stay in Chad for less than 7 days [source]

Thursday 29 Oct 13:15 UTC
Poland: Updated information reflecting protests currently taking place across Poland following a court ruling on abortion [source]

Thursday 29 Oct 13:12 UTC
Panama: Updated information on curfew and quarantine COVID-19 restrictions, public beaches and rivers have reopen. [source]

Thursday 29 Oct 10:56 UTC
Algeria: Update on potential protests (‘Political situation’). Update to information on curfews and other restrictions [source]

Thursday 29 Oct 10:02 UTC
France: New information on a potential terrorist incident in Nice [source]

Wednesday 28 Oct 20:06 UTC
Switzerland: Advice that UK travellers will no longer be required to quarantine on arrival; restrictions on public gatherings and compulsory wearing of face masks in certain settings (Summary, Coronavirus and Entry requirements) [source]

Wednesday 28 Oct 17:52 UTC
Spain: Addition of information clarifying entry requirements for travel to Spain ( 'Summary' and 'Entry requirements' pages) [source]

Wednesday 28 Oct 16:19 UTC
Suriname: New information and advice on limited commercial flight service from Suriname to the Netherlands and USA [source]

Wednesday 28 Oct 13:46 UTC
Rwanda: Updated information on international travel, COVID-19 measures for event organisers and quarantine requirements (‘Coronavirus’ and 'Entry requirements' pages) [source]

Wednesday 28 Oct 13:34 UTC
Jordan: New information on four land borders; Sheikh Hussein Bridge, Al Mudawwarah, King Hussein Bridge and Al Omari will all be reopened on 29 October with restrictions [source]

Wednesday 28 Oct 13:34 UTC
Ghana: This advice has been reviewed in full and re-published without amendment [source]

Wednesday 28 Oct 11:34 UTC
Anguilla: Addition of information on the extension of the closure of borders to non pre-approved visitors until 12 December [source]

Wednesday 28 Oct 09:53 UTC
Brazil: Update to information on visas and length of stay [source]

Tuesday 27 Oct 17:34 UTC
Portugal: Updated information on travel restrictions during All Saints Day celebrations, the obligatory use of face coverings outdoors from 28 October [source]

Tuesday 27 Oct 17:24 UTC
Antigua and Barbuda: Updated information on entry requirements to Antigua and Barbuda by sea [source]

Tuesday 27 Oct 17:24 UTC
British Virgin Islands: Update to information on a curfew between midnight and 5am [source]

Tuesday 27 Oct 17:17 UTC
Mexico: Removal of information on Tropical Storm Zeta (‘Summary’ and ‘Natural Disasters’ pages) [source]

Tuesday 27 Oct 17:14 UTC
Czech Republic: New information and advice on measures in place on public spaces and services [source]

Tuesday 27 Oct 17:14 UTC
Malta: Updated information on bar closures in Malta [source]

Tuesday 27 Oct 16:34 UTC
Lithuania: Updated information on COVID-19 measures; face masks and outdoor events [source]

Tuesday 27 Oct 12:36 UTC
Israel: This advice has been reviewed in full with editorial amendments throughout. [source]

Tuesday 27 Oct 11:02 UTC
Tonga: Update on the renewal of the Declaration of a State of Emergency and the extension of the National Covid-19 Restrictions Directions (‘Coronavirus’ and ‘Entry requirements’ pages). [source]

Tuesday 27 Oct 10:04 UTC
United Arab Emirates: Update to summary information on entry requirements depending on port of entry [source]

Monday 26 Oct 16:51 UTC
Nigeria: Updated information on easing of curfew restrictions in Lagos State from 25 October [source]

Monday 26 Oct 16:33 UTC
Bulgaria: Updated information on COVID-19 measures and self-isolation requirements in Bulgaria (‘Coronavirus’ page) [source]

Monday 26 Oct 16:28 UTC
Slovenia: Addition of information on COVID-19 related measures being implemented from 26 October [source]

Monday 26 Oct 15:46 UTC
Italy: New information on flight schedules and COVID-19 measures for public places and services in Italy [source]

Monday 26 Oct 15:26 UTC
Spain: Update to information on the nationwide State of Emergency [source]

Monday 26 Oct 15:12 UTC
Trinidad and Tobago: Updated information on the government of Trinidad and Tobago reviewing lockdown measures due to the increase of COVID-19 cases [source]

Monday 26 Oct 12:58 UTC
Denmark: You must present proof of a negative COVID-19 test, taken no more than 72 hours before entry, if travelling to Denmark from the UK [source]

Monday 26 Oct 11:18 UTC
Kosovo: Update to information on requirements for a negative PCR test before arrival in Kosovo [source]

Monday 26 Oct 11:02 UTC
Bahrain: Updated information on extension of visit visas to 21 January [source]

Monday 26 Oct 10:54 UTC
Mexico: New information on Tropical Storm Zeta (‘Summary’ and ‘Natural Disasters’ pages). Updated information on border closure (‘Entry requirements’ page) [source]

Monday 26 Oct 10:14 UTC
Malaysia: Updated information on travel between the state of Sabah and the rest of Malaysia [source]

Monday 26 Oct 09:59 UTC
North Korea: This advice has been reviewed in full and republished without amendment. [source]

Sunday 25 Oct 15:39 UTC
Jordan: Curfew in place from every Thursday 11pm to Saturday 6am until the end of the year, across Jordan. For other days, the curfew remains from 11pm to 6am. You are not permitted to leave your accommodation during the curfew [source]

Saturday 24 Oct 07:20 UTC
Germany: Updated information on testing and quarantine requirements on entry into Germany from the UK (‘Summary’ and ‘Entry requirements’ pages) [source]

Friday 23 Oct 19:46 UTC
Nigeria: Update on easing of curfew restrictions in Lagos State from 24 October [source]

Friday 23 Oct 19:32 UTC
Costa Rica: Updated information on entry restrictions, local demonstrations causing traffic disruptions and instances of methanol poisoning (‘Summary’ 'Entry Requirements' ‘Safety and security’) [source]

Friday 23 Oct 17:55 UTC
Greece: Latest information on requirements about wearing a face mask and Tier 3 and 4 local restrictions [source]

Friday 23 Oct 17:55 UTC
Antigua and Barbuda: Updated information on procedures entering Antigua and Barbuda by sea [source]

Friday 23 Oct 17:45 UTC
France: Addition of information on curfews that have been introduced in large parts of the country [source]

Friday 23 Oct 16:16 UTC
Slovakia: New information on increased COVID-19 restrictions in public spaces and services within Slovakia and planned nationwide testing (‘Coronavirus’ page). [source]

Friday 23 Oct 16:16 UTC
Slovenia: Addition of information on COVID-19 related measures being implemented from 24 October [source]

Friday 23 Oct 15:42 UTC
China: Addition of information on the possibility of families being separated following a positive COVID-19 test result [source]

Friday 23 Oct 15:31 UTC
Turkey: New information on a warning issued by the U.S. Embassy in Turkey to US citizens of potential terrorist attacks and kidnappings against US citizens and foreign nationals [source]

Friday 23 Oct 14:47 UTC
Tanzania: Updated information on recent attacks in Kitaya village, Mtwara region [source]

Friday 23 Oct 13:54 UTC
Guinea-Bissau: New information on travellers having to take a COVID test for departure from Guinea Bissau [source]

Friday 23 Oct 13:44 UTC
Poland: Updated information reflecting red zone, COVID-19 restrictions enforce in Poland [source]

Friday 23 Oct 13:37 UTC
Lithuania: Additional information on COVID-19 measures for public transport and public places and services [source]

On this tab, we’ll add the most useful resources for Crews, Dispatchers, and ATC. If you have something to suggest, please let us know. A work in progress for the moment.


Aircrew and Dispatch Resources

ECA: Crew safety leaflet – Coronavirus
EASA: Interim Guidance on Aircraft Cleaning
Coronavirus – License, Medical, And Training Exemptions Around The World
US ALPA Flight Crew Resource Page

Operational – General Guidance

NBAA Corona Resource page
CDC Travel Guidance by Country

If you want to know what the restrictions are for specific countries, we recommend the following:

1. Check the Notams! We never thought we’d say it, but we are seeing these starting to improve, with many countries issuing Notams with specific information about exactly what kind of flights are allowed. Make sure to check the FIR ICAO code of the country (check here if you’re unsure what code to use). Search the Notams using the updated FAA Notam Search site; or if you prefer the old-fashioned version, use this site instead.

2. Check out the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office website. The UK has eyes on the ground pretty much everywhere. Each country has a dedicated page, with a specific section on the coronavirus and the latest restrictions on inbound travel, which gets updated regularly.

3. The same goes for the US. If the US has an embassy somewhere, the chances are they will be issuing alerts when there are changes to the travel restrictions there. Click on a country from the list, and then click on the ‘News & Events’ tab for that country, on the top-right side of the page.

4. If the UK and the US both come up empty-handed, Australia might be able to sort you out. They have their own government travel advisory website, which lists inbound travel restrictions. Particularly useful for some of the more out-of-the-way places in the Pacific Islands.

5. Trip support provider Universal have a page with all the latest coronavirus-related restrictions, with a particular focus on the impact to business aviation. From the main page you can navigate to separate pages for different regions around the world (the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central & South America, Europe, Middle-East & Africa, and Asia-Pacific), and really drill down into the latest restrictions country-by-country. Most of this info comes from Universal’s vast network of local agents at airports around the world, so it’s a bit more pertinent to aviation than the more wide-ranging travel advice issued at government level (i.e. the UK FCO, the US embassies, etc).

5. Check out IATA’s dedicated webpage. Updated daily.

6. InternationalSOS keep a map updated with all the latest restrictions showing, plus they have a daily summary of the latest developments.