Wanted: Flight Operations Investigator

By David Mumford


We are looking for a Flight Operations Investigator to join our team!

If you know a thing or two about OPSGROUP, you’ll know that one thing we do well is to provide pilots and aircraft operators with a steady stream of operationally useful information and news.

Who does this best? Someone with a lot of experience in international ops. A pilot, a dispatcher, or someone that’s had to make the decision thousands of times before – is this piece of information critical, useful, relevant, or just more chaff?

We’re interested in a very specific type of news – it has to be useful, relevant, and operationally significant to international pilots or operators.

We care about things like: airport closures, new rules and regulations, strikes, issues affecting airspace safety, and anything else which may impact an aircraft getting from A to B.

Now we need someone to help us weed out the useful info from the deluge of detritus that’s out there. You’ll be scouring the web for operationally significant news, checking Notams, contacting handling agents at airports, and keeping tabs on hurricane trackers and volcanic ash advisories.

Your job will be to find this information and apply your critical eye. Worth knowing, worth sharing? Critical or just good to know? Who’s affected? How soon should they know? Dig a little deeper. Is this new? Is this valid? Is it true? What’s the source? What else can the source tell you?

You will need to have some experience of working in international ops. Maybe you’ve been a pilot, a dispatcher, or have worked for an airline in some capacity. You will also need to be able to write short, sharp summaries of recent news and changes – so some writing experience will also be a bonus.

The position(s) are of course fully paid, you set your own hours and location. Work from wherever.

If this sounds like you, drop us a note, and we’ll tell you more. Email us at goodwork@ops.group.


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David Mumford

David Mumford

News editor, notam sifter, airspace monitor, map maker, and general purveyor of operationally useful flight ops information.

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