A big chunk of airspace in the eastern part of the North Atlantic will be closed on Oct 10 between 1000-1330z.

This seems to be due to some military exercise which will include GPS jamming.

The area stretches from the west coast of Scotland, out to the middle of the Shanwick FIR, and overlaps the Reykjavik FIR in the north. For exact coordinates, check EGGX Notam G0262/19 and BIRD Notam A0472/19, but here’s what it looks like:

The Westbound NAT Tracks come into effect at 1130z. On Oct 10 however, due to the airspace closure there will be some time-banded Westbound Tracks: Charlie, Delta, Echo and Foxtrot. These tracks will only be available from 1330z at ocean entry, although they may become active earlier if the military finish their exercise early – and if that happens, they’ll issue a Notam to say so.

So here’s the plan for the Westbound Tracks on Oct 10:

Keep an eye on the EGGX and BIRD Notams for any changes to airspace availability. But if you’re planning on crossing the NAT between 1000-1330z, you’ll most likely have to route south over the mid-Atlantic or north over Iceland in order to avoid the airspace closure.

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