Italy ATC Strike on Sep 7

By David Mumford

The ATC strikes across Italy on September 7, between 11-15z (13-17 local time), are still set to go ahead. A series of Notams detailing the times and affected areas have now been published, all available via the Eurocontrol NOP.

ATC staff from all four ACC’s across the country (LIRR/Roma, LIBB/Brindisi, LIMM/Milano and LIPP/Padova) will be on strike.

As usual with these 4-hour strikes, overflights, inbound intercontinental flights (i.e. those from outside Europe), and other essential traffic will not be affected, but there are often big delays for all other flights to/from Italian airports.

LIBP/Pescara, LIMF/Turin, LIMJ/Genoa and LIRN/Naples airports have also announced local tower ATC strikes between the same times that day. There may be more local airport-level ATC strikes announced in the coming days, so watch out for those too, as these are the airports which are always worst affected by delays.

For updates: keep an eye on the Eurocontrol NOP page, which will show the latest info on delays on the day of the strike.

One to bookmark for the future: prior to Notams being issued on these Italy ATC strikes, the source info can always be found on the official government website here – just make sure you have your Google Translate tool enabled on your browser!


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