So you’re heading to watch some sports games in Minnesota. We’ve got to be careful to not call it a certain thing, so we’ve taken to calling it the Superb Owl. If you’re operating to the Minneapolis area between Jan 31 and Feb 7, you’ll need a few items:

Ramp Reservations:
MSP: +1 612 726 5700 /
STP: +1 612 726 9086 /

Contact them right away for ramp space, it’s going fast, and it’s all first come, first serve. Once you get your reservation number, you’ll need to include that in your RMK section of the flight plan.

Those will be the two main airports, but if you’re operating to these other airports, contact the local FBO or airport authority to get your ramp reservation:

 Flying Cloud Airport FCM
 Crystal Airport MIC
 South St. Paul Municipal/ Richard E. Fleming Field SGS
 Airlake Airport LVN
 Anoka County-Blaine/Janes Field ANE
 Lake Elmo Airport 21D
 Albert Lea Municipal Airport AEL
 Austin Municipal Airport AUM
 Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport BRD
 Buffalo Municipal Airport CFE
 Duluth Airport DLH
 Chippewa Valley Regional/Eau Claire Airport EAU
 Faribault Municipal Airport FBL
 La Crosse Regional Airport LSE
 Maple Lake Municipal Airport MGG
 Mankato Regional Airport MKT
 Simenstad Municipal/Osceola Airport OEO
 Owatonna/Degner Regional Airport OWA
 Red Wing Regional Airport RGK
 Rochester International Airport RST
 St. Cloud Regional Airport STC
 New Richmond Regional Airport RNH

Required Routes:
Keep an eye on this site:, the FAA will be updating preferred routes for MSP/STP. Be sure you’re being diligent in closing your flight plan upon landing. They’ll be refusing any airborne IFR filing or airborne changes of destination within 250NM of Minneapolis airspace.

Flying Internationally?
You’ll need to get your landing rights from CBP. Email at, and include:
-Aircraft Registration and Type
-Names of Crew members
-Foreign Departure Point
-Arrival Location and Time (in local time)
-Number of Pax and Crews.

They actually want the eAPIS to be submitted prior to landing rights request, so make sure to send that in so they see it in the system.

Also, don’t plan on flying within 10NM of the stadium on Sunday, as the TSA needs to make a full inspection of your aircraft. Keep this in mind if you’re planning on operating on Sunday (during the game) because both MSP and STP are within 10NM of the airport (also MIC). The FBO can help you schedule your inspection if required.

Within 30NM of the stadium (the second circle), you must be in constant contact with ATC, and have a working transponder. They will scramble the jets for this event. You can use 121.5 if you’re not in contact for any reason.

For any additional information, the FAAs site has you covered:

Enjoy the game!

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Cynthia Claros

Cynthia Claros

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