This post is a summary of what we know regarding Aviation Authorities providing relief to aircrew and dispatchers on expiration dates of Licenses, Medicals, Training, and other requirements.

If  you know more for your country, please comment below or email – we’ll update this! if you have a source reference, or document, that’s even better.

United States

26 Mar: (Training) Part 119 (All commercial operators – 121, 135 etc.) – extension of grace period for recurrent training by an additional two months. [Part 135 doc] [Part 121 doc]. Note that you have to tell the FAA if you’re using this exemption.

26 Mar: Medical and Part 91 exemptions are expected by end of this week.


The Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA) have made the following changes to validity periods for ratings, certificates and endorsements:

For Instrument Ratings as well as class and type ratings which expire between 31/03/2020 and 31/07/2020, an extension of 4 months from the expiry date is granted.

For Instructor Ratings and Examiner Certificates which expire between 31/03/2020 and 31/07/2020, the validity is extended until 30/11/2020. And examiners making use of the exemptions MUST notify the LBA by email:

For Language Proficiency Endorsements expiring between 31/03/2020 and 31/07/2020, the validity is extended until 30/11/2020

For Medical Certificates (Class 1, Class 2 and LAPL) which expire between 31/03/2020 and 31/07/2020 and extension of 4 months from the expiry date is grated PROVIDED NO LIMITATIONS EXIST (VML, VNL & VDL excluded). This only applies to medical certificates under the supervision of the LBA

For AME Certificates expiring between 31/03/2020 and 31/07/2020, an extension is granted until 30/11/2020 ONLY if revalidation requirements cannot be complied with before expiry

The following changes to validity of recurrent training and checking requirements apply:

If the validity of the following requirements expires before 31/07/2020 an extension of 4 months is added

  • Operator Proficiency Checks
  • Line Checks
  • Line-oriented evaluation
  • Emergency and safety equipment training & checking
  • Operator ground and flight training
  • Recurrent training
  • Operator cabin crew recurrent training and checking
  • Operator technical crew recurrent training

For training in the use of protective breathing equipment which requires the actual donning of masks and other items, as a temporary measure, the use of videos demonstrations and simulations are permitted.

The following changes apply to the use of Flight Simulators:

If a flight simulator is not available or not accessible the following criteria can apply to alternative training

  • The Flight sim used can be certified by a non-EU authority
  • The use of a lower quality sim in conjunction with training on the aircraft

If a sim certified by a non-EU authority is not available then, following a robust risk assessment, training and checking can be conducted in an aircraft provided this is first approved by the LBA.

United Kingdom

All type ratings, recurrent trainings and licences which expire before 31/10/2020 are extended until 22/11/2020 unless the CAA order 1354 dated 23/03/2020 is rescinded. This applies to flight crew, cabin crew, ATCO’s and AME’s.
Further information:


4 month extension announced, details to come.


ANAC has extended the validity of all pilot’s licenses and type ratings for 120 days (4 months)


– If you have an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) or a Part 141/142 Certificate, it will be extended through an administrative process by six months. You do not need to do anything.
– If you are a pilot or an air traffic controller, you will be able to exercise the privileges of your licence for six months after the expiration of any medical certificate you hold. The conditions on your medical certificate will continue to apply. You do not need to do anything.
– If your current flight review or proficiency check expires after 1 March 2020, you will be able to continue to use all the privileges of your licence for a further three months from when it expires. You will need to apply to extend these arrangements beyond the 3 months.
– Operators will have relief from Part 61 proficiency checking and flight review as well as training and checking requirements up to 30 June 2020. Further relief options are being developed.


CAAC announced March 30 that Pilot Medical certs will automatically extend for 45 days if it expires before June 30th.


The Italian Aviation Authority issued an Information Notice regarding the extension of validity period of Licences, Ratings, Certificates, Attestations, Training and Control Activities in accordance with Article 71 of Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 as follows:

The following staff can take advantage of the flexibility provisions and therefore extend the relevant period of validity by 4 months:

– Pilots, flight attendants and technical crew members of CAT / NCC / SPO Air Operators who, having no accessibility to flight simulators and / or aircraft (airplane or helicopter).
– Instructors or Examiners holding a valid certificate who operate within the management system of an organization (CAT / NCC / SPO).
– Flight personnel holding a valid CCA certificate.
– For Medical Certificates (Class 1, Class 3 and Cabin Crew Medical Report which expire between 18/03/2020 and 31/07/2020 an extension of 4 months is added.

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